10 Health Benefits of Cupping

10 Health Benefits of Cupping

Cupping is an alternative therapy which was first used thousands of years ago in China and Egypt. It has been used throughout history for the treatment of many medical conditions including pain relief and boosting the whole immune system. It is becoming more and more popular amongst athletes for the relief of muscle and deep tissue repair as well as stress release and relaxation.  In fact, many athletes in the 2016 Rio Oylmpics, including world famous Micheal Phelps, have been seen with the tell-tale signs of bruising that this therapy leaves on the body.

Cupping is all about circulation, bringing blood to areas that it doesn’t normally reach by sucking skin into a cup, which releases connective tissue underneath the skin that wraps around your muscles.

A cupping therapist will place either heated glass cups, or glass cups with a special built in rubber suction onto the skin to create a vacuum suction which pulls up sections of the skin into the cup.  The suction that is created brings blood to the surface of the skin, aiding circulation and releasing muscle tension.

Cupping can bring relief and improve the following 10 health conditions….

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