30 Simple Ways You Can Prevent Cancer

30 Simple Ways You Can Prevent Cancer

Cancer continues to be one of the biggest causes of premature deaths across the world. However, lifestyle as much as medical treatment determines the chances of developing and surviving the condition. For many people there are a number of simple things that you can do to minimize your chances of developing the disease. Here are thirty small lifestyle changes to help prevent cancer.

1. Get out in the sun

Despite the dangers of skin cancer if we are overexposed, the benefits of a little sunshine in our lives is massive. Virtually all of your vitamin D comes from exposure to the sun and, as this nutrient is essential for proper cell development, you shouldn’t underestimate the need to get outside regularly. Just fifteen minutes each day should be enough to give your body the vitamin boost it needs.

2. Eat less meat

We all hear the warnings about having too much red meat in our diets. When it comes to cancer prevention this advice is certainly something we should listen to. In studies those people who eat red meat on a regular basis were significantly more likely to develop cancer.  Switch to veggie options or leaner white meats wherever you can.

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