3 Simple Tips to Get Through Divorce Amicably

3 Simple Tips to Get Through Divorce Amicably

Divorce is what it has come to. It is a weird feeling. You always thought you were in the fifty percent of couples that would stay together until old age. You had an image of you and your spouse being surrounded by dozens of grandchildren while the two of you rocked in your rocking chairs. Something has gone wrong between the time you two met and this exact moment. Somewhere between work and play you two have lost that spark that united you. The spark has faded a long time ago. You two have basically been roommates for years.

You’ve tried communicating with each other. You’ve tried counseling. Eventually, the two of you have realised that there is no point in even trying. Your marriage has been over for months, even years. Unless you can find a time travelling machine, divorce is the only answer.

You do not hate your spouse, far from that. But, in a divorce, you cannot pull the “we can still be friends” line. A divorce is not two thirteen year olds breaking up. It is two responsible adults who vowed to stay together all their lives together deciding that it will never work.

Both of you are going to hurt, and feelings are going to run high during the whole ordeal, but it is possible to split on good terms.

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