Pokemon Fan Art Imagines Magikarp and Gyarados as Ground Type

A Pokemon fan creates unique Ground-type Magikarp and Gyarados, which have particularly sharp teeth and are compared to creatures from Dune and Terraria.

Since the release of the first Pokemon titles, fans of the franchise have created unique art inspired by characters from the games, with some featuring alternate versions of existing Pokémon. A Pokemon fan looked at Magikarp and its evolution, Gyarados, in a different light by creating a Ground-type alternative.

Twitter user Maumesart recently shared his rendition of a Magikarp and a Ground-type Gyarados, both of which hail from the Red, Blueand Yellow Generation 1 Pokemon titles and have been featured in numerous games since. Maumesart’s Magikarp and Gyarados trade in the Ground typing where both Pokémon are generally considered Water-type, and Flying- and Water-type respectively, with many Pokemon fans see Gyarados as a dragon based on his design. Going to the ground makes Magikarp look like a baby sand shark from the star wars universe, and Gyarados resembles the beasts of Tremors with its worm-like frame.


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At Maumesart Pokemon fan art depicts both Magikarp and Gyarados as vicious creatures rather than just evolution, which might suggest that this Magikarp has a different moveset from Splash, Tackle, and Flail. Magikarp’s color scheme remains quite similar to its original design as it retains orange and light yellow, while its fins are darker than normal and the Pokemon has sharp teeth between its whiskers. Gyarados’ colors differ drastically from the standard Pokemon design in Maumesart’s fan art as he has no blue and is mostly brown and black with even larger and sharper teeth but apparently no eyes above from his mouth.

Just like with the Water-type and Gyarados Magikarp, Maumesart’s Ground-type Pokémon evolves at level twenty, which is in the mid-range in terms of initial evolution level despite the fact that Gyarados has no evolution. Magikarp’s more forward-thinking design in Maumesart’s fan art shows the Pokemon showing its teeth with dazzling eyes, suggesting it may have the Glare move, while both Pokemon would almost certainly use Bite to defeat their opponents. in combat. Because Magikarp loses its eyes when it evolves into Gyarados in Maumesart’s fan art, it’s likely that Gyarados would navigate underground even better if the Pokemon were real based on existing animals.

The Eyeless Gyarados isn’t too abnormal given its ground typing, as many subterranean creatures are blind, such as the Blind Cave Fish, which may have inspired the fan art. Although Maumesart has claimed the land-type Magikarp and Gyarados as its regional variant of the Pokemon, it’s currently unclear whether the two Pokemon will be revisited with a new design in Pokemon scarlet and violet. At Maumesart Pokemon fan art has also prompted comparisons between the Pokémon and the ancient Mongol deathworm, a terrariums enemy, Dunes‘s Sandworms, and Molgera’s The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

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